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Date:2017-12-26 15:01:50

About the trend, people always overestimate the influence of short term (2 to 3 years), but tend to underestimate 5 years or more long-term new trend of society, the media, culture and even affect people's way of life.Jobs, for instance, would not have thought about the impact of smartphones and mobile Internet on people's lives today.Intelligent hardware and mobile APP are affecting human life and social change at an alarming rate, which has triggered a new trend of development.

Information is king

China's mobile Internet has entered the era of the whole people.Worldwide, according to relevant data, only an apple iphone up to 226 million delivery department in 2015, is expected to shipments will amount to more than 1.4 billion this year, the popularity of mobile terminal lead to the development of the whole of the mobile Internet industry chain, including intelligent hardware, software, cloud, big data and so on.It is understood that Asia is the most active region in the mobile Internet, with a net utilization rate of about 18%.

The proportion of mobile Internet access to information is 81 percent of personal information, and more than 50 percent of mobile phone users will use the browser to read relevant content.In China, tencent's QQ and WeChat users are not to be ignored. The number of active users in WeChat is 540 million, covering more than 200 countries!Information is king's time, mobile Internet provides a great channel to connect the information exchange between people, collecting, transmitting and sharing, making it an indispensable part of life.


Mobile interconnection is integrated into life.

As we mentioned above, mobile Internet is changing human life.According to relevant data, by 2018, China's Internet market will reach 765 billion!That's up 129% from 2015.Traditional enterprise transformation Internet enterprises accelerate and gradually apply to intelligent terminals.

We should every day a good card, now we just hand mobile terminals, including shopping, marketing, search, games, reading, etc. Can be a key to "fix", and service more and more fine, humanity, facilitation, mobile Internet also can be connected to share at any time, anywhere, greatly cater to the consumer mental state, combined with the current traditional enterprises are aware of this, positive to the Internet, network market layout, we have reason to believe that, after the mobile Internet market will be bigger, better, more complete, more accurate service.

Mobile Internet is the biggest benefit of can be individual fragments of time to spare, all kinds of payment APP, social APP to let people in Internet communication unblocked, message transmission is no longer restricted by time and space.At the same time, the mobile terminal makes life more convenient and consumer entertainment operation experience is also perfect, consumers may at any time in the real and the virtual world to switch back and forth, do entertainment, life at any time.

There is no denying the fact that mobile Internet changed the way people living habits, social, relationship networks, along with the mobile Internet to real life full penetration, mobile Internet will be applied to the consumer to every corner, in real life to enter a real universal "mobile lifestyle" era.

Digitization and intellectualization become the mainstream.

Digitalization and intellectualization has become an important direction of the development of science and technology today, and field intelligent + has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, and gradually became the center of today's cultural forms, showing a new round of cultural ecology, such as the boundary between the traditional print media and digital media;LeTV breaks the boundary between traditional TV and network TV, forming a new media stream with four screen interaction and multi-screen integration.

The concept of digitization and intelligence puts forward the best "pronoun" such as AR, APP, O2O, LBS, etc.Under the concept of "green" at the same time, ordinary people also enjoy the blessings from technology, such as facebook, twitter will now many ordinary people's thoughts, words through intelligent are connected to the global media, communications, saw and heard and share your anytime and anywhere, and also is what we often call "media", constantly updating "new concept", the traditional media to bring unprecedented challenge and pressure.As Marshall McLuhan, the new media is never old media addition, it will not let the old media rest easy there, find for yourself in the new media forms and due position before, it never relax on the suppression of the old media.


Big data ushered in the era of change.

Big data don't have to repeat the word, we should also know how much it is fire recently, big data analytics can be instantaneous fetching data from large content, valuable information, at present, large data analysis has become a commercial basis, bring rich profits for the enterprise.

In addition, big data also for the enterprise marketing and communication brought the revolutionary change, through data analysis, enterprises can take the interests of consumers, behavior, tracks, shopping and other related data which is almost exactly will consumers division and according to the corresponding attributes to do some marketing and optimization precision.

Can predict the future of the era of big data, brand spread through the data processing to obtain accurate activity effect assessment, every step has accurate data presentation, brand advocate all decisions with accurate data support to reduce the decision risk.Therefore, for enterprises, data becomes an asset of equal importance to enterprise technology, capital and brand, and the data is competitive, and the data decision is formed.

Internet fusion thinking.

Big data, cloud, smart hardware, AR, VR, 3 d printing technology is the most important thing is the Internet thinking behind, including fragmentation nonlinear thinking, thinking, creative thinking, realize the fragmentation of reunion, etc.

No boundary polymerization is a combination of breakthrough industry and industry difference, which realizes the aggregation of product, business mode, business model and user experience.Its offer is a cross-industry, cross-media, cross-border integration of products and services, the borderless polymerization of energy as a new development path, industry in the future it is viral outbreak of energy, and fission.Borderless convergence is called "a revolution of extreme convergence".Internet thinking, especially mobile Internet thinking, brings the fragmentation to the reunion. In fact, the most important thing anyone can't ignore is the cohesion from outside the industry.

Internet thinking focuses on user thinking, big data thinking, cross-boundary thinking, media thinking, platform thinking, innovative thinking, iterative thinking, flow thinking and so on.The ultimate goal is to capture the user, improving the user experience, break the industry boundary, learn from others experiences, improve the efficiency of propaganda, enhance innovation, strengthen brand management, forming data decision, establishing the ecological system, realize the win-win situation.The real Internet thinking is a re-examination of the traditional enterprise value chain, and the Internet thinking is not only in the marketing, but in all aspects of the business operation.


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